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From a tactical and technical viewpoint our team can deliver specialised coaching sessions which can be tailored to meet your club needs.


Examples of which may include:

Set piece-Lineout and Scrum

Attack from set piece and open play

Defence - organisation and different systems

Play from (e.g. Scrum, line out, ruck, maul etc)

Individual positional coaching

Team coaching sessions including structures and patterns

Kicking - place and from hand

Backs organisation and execution both at set piece and open play

Forwards organisation both at set piece and open play

Breakdown skills

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Players can also benefit from having a personal mentor who can help develop positional, nutritional, strength and conditioning, game understanding and knowledge


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Coaching the Coach!

Experienced coaches/mentors would come into your club environment for a fixed period of time ranging from 3 visits to as many regular visits that are required over the season. 

Outcomes would include:

The ongoing development of your coach(es) by focusing on the how skills of coaching, which are:

- Instruction and explanation

- Demonstration

- Observation and Analysis

- Feedback

At all times a player centred approach would be encouraged.

Reflection tools will be supplied so that the coach can plan - deliver - review to ensure that the quality always improves 

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Self Reflection is a powerful concept when seeking

continual improvements. Our services will include training in these processes to enable the journey of progress to continue.

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